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MY X WIFE GOT MY DOG WHILE I WAS IN AFGHANISTAN IN 2011. After catching her running around on me and a divorce. The dog was the only thing I got out of the divorce. My dog goes with me on my semi truck.

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Two Brothers Need a Home

My husband passed away of a heart attack November 2014 at age 58.  He had two boxer mix dogs, Zeus and Apollo, that I have been caring for but can no longer since I must sell the house.  My husband was not a veteran but he spent years visiting veterans in Walter Reed Hospital talking…

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Jimmy and Ivan | Gulf War Veteran and his Service Dog

Veteran and service dog Jimmy and Ivan

My service dog has helped me to get out at least 1-2 times per day to walk! I am a Gulf war I veteran and served in the US Army. He and I love to play catch with a tennis ball. He is my best friend and I am grateful that I have him and…

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What you don’t understand about Veteran’s Day

Frank Spady Door Gunner Viet Nam

I will write this for my husband, the warrior and Vietnam Vet. I will write this for those suffering with PTSD from their loyal service to our glorious country. I will write this for those that don’t understand the effects that war has on our young men that serve our country so bravely. As my…

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Vietnam Vet with 2 Great Dogs

I’m a Vietnam vet that was in the Infantry and a door gunner. It was an unbelievable experience and I’m lucky to have made it back alive. I have PTSD. I still have nightmares and other physical problems. My two dogs have been great companions and comfort. They are a Golden Retriever named Daisy and…

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Goldendoodle Puppies Join the National Institute of Diabetic Alert Dogs

Post by 4E Kennels. Post by 4E Kennels.

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5 Ways To Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are there to help dogs, cats and other animals in need find their forever homes. Shelters receive animals for a variety of reasons from a variety of different circumstances. Some dogs are brought to a local animal shelter because the owners can no longer take care of them. Some are brought to shelters…

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Adopting An Older Dog | The Pros and Cons

Adopting an Older Dog can be Incredibly Rewarding

There are too many dogs in animal shelters looking for their forever home. Unfortunately, when it comes to adopting a dog, most people choose the dogs that are puppies or younger in age, leaving the older dogs behind. Before you begin Adopting an Older Dog read our Pros and Cons Sometimes, though, since puppies and…

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Dogs for Veterans | In the News

Dogs have been helping military veterans in many different ways for many years. With the awareness of our veterans suffering from PTSD growing through news outlets and social media more veterans and dogs have been able to be helped. To keep you up to date on the latest news related to dogs for veterans, we…

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Puppy Wrestling Match – and the winner is…

Daisy Golden Retriever

As I mentioned in my last article here we have a new member of the Dogs for Vets family. My little brother, Gunner, has turned out to be a formidable wrestler…but alas, no match for a big, tough Golden Retriever like me. I take my wrestling abilities quite seriously and this new little squirt shall…

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