Help Veterans and Military Members: Make a Difference Today

help veterans

Military veterans have risked their lives to protect our country, and it is important to show them our appreciation. There are a variety of ways to help veterans that go beyond thanking them for their service. This article will discuss how individuals can help veterans in practical, meaningful ways to demonstrate their appreciation and support.…

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Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans: The Killer after the War

Agent orange and Vietnam Veterans

What is agent orange and what are its effects? Agent orange and Vietnam Veterans have been a deadly combination. Agent Orange is a chemical weapon that was used by the United States during the Vietnam War. The chemical weapon is an herbicide that was mixed with dioxin, which is a highly toxic substance. Agent Orange…

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What you don’t understand about Veteran’s Day

Frank Spady Door Gunner Viet Nam

I will write this for my husband, the warrior and Vietnam Vet. I will write this for those suffering with PTSD from their loyal service to our glorious country. I will write this for those that don’t understand the effects that war has on our young men that serve our country so bravely. As my…

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Dogs for Veterans | In the News

Dogs have been helping military veterans in many different ways for many years. With the awareness of our veterans suffering from PTSD growing through news outlets and social media more veterans and dogs have been able to be helped. To keep you up to date on the latest news related to dogs for veterans, we…

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Veterans Forum | A Place to Talk with Vets that Understand

Veterans Forum

We are proud to announce that the Dogs for Vets website now has a Veterans Forum! We are just getting it rolling so please register and start participating. We started the Veterans Forum because we believe that vets need their own place to vent and talk to each other. Some social media websites, like Twitter…

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World War II Veteran | Fred Selzer

Fred Selzer World War II

The number of World War II Veterans still gracing our earth is dwindling every year. They fought hard and served our country with the highest regard. My Father, Fred Selzer, was one of these brave men. My Dad served before I was born and I only wish I could remember more about what he told…

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Interview with Military Working Dog Gabe

Military Working Dog United States Flag

I’m celebrating Veteran’s Day with an interview with a brave and honored Military Working Dog. His name is Gabe and he won a big award from the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. Gabe is one of the bravest military dogs that I know and he has helped the military by finding hidden weapons and…

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