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Companion Dogs

5 Ways To Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are there to help dogs, cats and other animals in need find their forever homes. Shelters receive animals for a variety of reasons from a variety of different circumstances. Some dogs are brought to a local animal shelter because the owners can no longer take care of them. Some are brought to shelters…

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Adopting An Older Dog | The Pros and Cons

Adopting an Older Dog can be Incredibly Rewarding

There are too many dogs in animal shelters looking for their forever home. Unfortunately, when it comes to adopting a dog, most people choose the dogs that are puppies or younger in age, leaving the older dogs behind. Before you begin Adopting an Older Dog read our Pros and Cons Sometimes, though, since puppies and…

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Puppy Wrestling Match – and the winner is…

Daisy Golden Retriever

As I mentioned in my last article here we have a new member of the Dogs for Vets family. My little brother, Gunner, has turned out to be a formidable wrestler…but alas, no match for a big, tough Golden Retriever like me. I take my wrestling abilities quite seriously and this new little squirt shall…

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Health Benefits of Dogs are Amazing

Health Benefits of Dogs

The health benefits of dogs include many different things. We all know how much service and therapy dogs help veterans but a dog can actually help improve your health in many diverse ways. Having a dog can improve your mental well-being, lessen your doctor visits, and strengthen your cardiovascular health. Dogs can also improve recovery…

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In Home Dog Sitting for a great Alternative to Boarding

Dog Sitting Las Vegas | Wheaten Terrier

I’ve had numerous dogs in my life time. I found they all have different personalities. Some are more independent when they get out among other dogs and people and some are intimidated by them. Dogs are like people and we all know who we are attracted to. In home dog sitting is the best alternative I have…

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How to Pick the Dog that is Right for You

Making the decision to get a dog is a great thing for your family, but getting one is more complicated than just heading to the pet shop, breeder, or rescue and picking out your favorite. As you choose a dog, it’s important to agree with the rest of your family on the breed, behavior, age,…

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