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News Alert: A New Member of the Dogs for Vets Family

Dogs for Veterans Daisy and Gunner

I have big news today…and I mean really big news. We have a new addition to the Dogs for Vets family. Yes, it’s true and his name is Gunner! He should make a great service dog or therapy dog but for me he will just be my adopted brother and companion dog. His name, Gunner,…

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A Military Reunion at the Airport

Yesterday I was flying from St. Louis back to Las Vegas after a wonderful visit with my kids and grandkids. When I got off the plane in Las Vegas and was walking to the baggage claim area the beginning of a touching experience happened. As I walked in a crowd of people I saw ahead…

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Health Benefits of Dogs are Amazing

Health Benefits of Dogs

The health benefits of dogs include many different things. We all know how much service and therapy dogs help veterans but a dog can actually help improve your health in many diverse ways. Having a dog can improve your mental well-being, lessen your doctor visits, and strengthen your cardiovascular health. Dogs can also improve recovery…

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Introducing a Dog to a Baby with Patience and Care

Introducing a Dog to a Baby

Introducing a dog to a baby is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Your baby’s welfare may depend on it. Teaching your dog the proper way to act around your baby will pay off for many years to come. I have always raised my pets with children. Most of…

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Veterans Forum | A Place to Talk with Vets that Understand

Veterans Forum

We are proud to announce that the Dogs for Vets website now has a Veterans Forum! We are just getting it rolling so please register and start participating. We started the Veterans Forum because we believe that vets need their own place to vent and talk to each other. Some social media websites, like Twitter…

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Shad Meshad, Founder NVF, to Visit Frank Spady and Dogs for Vets

National Veterans Foundation

In one of our recent articles, National Veterans Foundation Providing Help for Veterans, we talked about how NVF is helping veterans. The founder of the National Veterans Foundation, Shad Meshad, is coming to visit Frank Spady, of Dogs for Vets in just a few days. We’re extremely excited and honored about this visit to us.…

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Canine Influenza could be a Threat to Your Dog

Australian Shepherd

With the holiday season upon us many people will be boarding their dogs. Recent reports of canine influenza mean that your dog should probably be vaccinated against this—especially if you plan on boarding your dog. Just as humans are encouraged by their doctors to get flu shots, veterinarians are urging dogs to get vaccinated for…

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In Home Dog Sitting for a great Alternative to Boarding

Dog Sitting Las Vegas | Wheaten Terrier

I’ve had numerous dogs in my life time. I found they all have different personalities. Some are more independent when they get out among other dogs and people and some are intimidated by them. Dogs are like people and we all know who we are attracted to. In home dog sitting is the best alternative I have…

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World War II Veteran | Fred Selzer

Fred Selzer World War II

The number of World War II Veterans still gracing our earth is dwindling every year. They fought hard and served our country with the highest regard. My Father, Fred Selzer, was one of these brave men. My Dad served before I was born and I only wish I could remember more about what he told…

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Josh Walker | an Iraq Army Vet Shares his Story

Josh Walker Iraq Veteran

I met Josh Walker online through the Dogs for Vets Twitter account. He graciously agreed to write on our website about his time deployed to Iraq and what is was like coming home and living life after combat. Little did I know that he would write something as touching and stirring as this. Today is…

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