About Dogs for Vets

So, why did I start this site? Two words - "dogs" and "veterans". As the proud wife of a brave disabled Vietnam Veteran, I've seen firsthand the difference a furry friend can make.

dogs for vets - frank spady
My husband, Frank Spady, with our first Golden Retrievers, Lucky and Penny.

Meet Our Pooches!

Meet our family’s fluffy companions - a Goldendoodle and a Golden Retriever. They are both 10 years old, full of life, and unbelievably charming. They are the real stars of this site!

dogs for vets daisy and gunner

Who is Elizabeth Crane?

elizabeth crane

Born with what I call the "pet gene", I've loved dogs since the day I came into this world. I was the local dog whisperer in my neighborhood, making pals with every pooch, even the ones with a bit of a gruff reputation.

Family and Paws

Fast forward a few years (okay, maybe more than a few), and I now have four grown children and a bunch of grandkids. And guess what? They all share my love for dogs!

Why Are You Here?

At DogsForVets.com, we're all about our four-legged friends, the incredible bond between humans and dogs, and the transformative impact they can have, especially for our heroes - the veterans.

Join us as we explore, celebrate, and share the wonderful world of Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers, and more.