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How Dogs Help Veterans with PTSD

By: Elizabeth Crane

Dogs for PTSD

Dogs for PTSDAmerican war veterans are returning home from service facing major issues. Financially, physically, emotionally and in relationships, veterans are dealing with problems at home after dealing with countless issues abroad while fighting for our freedom.

One of the biggest issues many veterans face when returning home is post traumatic stress disorder. Leading to severe problems like suicide for many veterans, PTSD can severely hamper the quality of life and relationships for veterans. Luckily, there are solutions, including of the canine variety!

Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

Dogs are great. They are loyal, fun, committed friends, and there’s a reason they stick by your side to the point where they’re known as “man’s best friend.” For veterans returning home and facing PTSD, companion dogs, and service dogs, all work to be that friend who will love and support them unconditionally.

When all else may seem dark, and other people may or may not be around for the difficult moments, a good dog is always by his master’s side and always there for love and affection. For veterans searching for love and meaning as they return from stressful situations, this can be just what the doctor ordered.

Dogs bring a Sense of Purpose

A large part of PTSD and the aftermath of its effects revolve around depression, and even thoughts leading towards suicide. Suicide is a major problem for veterans returning to America, and while no solution is foolproof, a dog does provide much needed structure.

For veterans who feel hopeless, helpless, or worthless after their experiences in war, a dog can be the lifeline needed to make it through. After all, what’s a better way to give your life purpose than to take care of another living creature? Having a loving, caring dog depend on you for shelter and food can provide the purpose and structure needed to get through the darkest of moments.

PTSD is a serious condition that requires medical treatment and psychological oversight. For many veterans returning home, it is imperative that they seek out this treatment as they try to improve their lives and get on with their routines.

Getting Through PTSD with the Help of a Dog

Luckily, though, small things can make a big difference in getting through PTSD, and dogs play a big role in that recovery. A dog is ready to love and support their master unconditionally. This unconditional, meaningful love can be just what the doctor ordered to help with recovery.

So if you know a veteran who is in need of some extra TLC, or a person coping who could use an unconditional friend, consider adopting a dog. If it’s a responsibility that they can take on in their life, it is an unforgettable addition to any family and a wonderful friend who will be there for many years to come.

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