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In Home Dog Sitting for a great Alternative to Boarding

Dog Sitting Las Vegas | Wheaten Terrier
Dog Sitting Las Vegas | Wheaten Terrier

I’ve had numerous dogs in my life time. I found they all have different personalities. Some are more independent when they get out among other dogs and people and some are intimidated by them. Dogs are like people and we all know who we are attracted to.

In home dog sitting is the best alternative I have found for my fur baby.  When boarding, no matter if their shots are up to date, they always seem to come home with something—such as a virus, kennel cough or just plain anxiety. Which means there goes a vet bill on top of the cost of boarding.

Boarding with a vet is cheaper than the new open space boarding. But remember they are in cages until they take them out to potty. The places that have the indoor and outdoor play areas for your pet, in which they get a chance to socialize with other dogs, can be costly. Be very careful with that because that’s where the waiver comes in:

If your dog attacks another dog or is bitten by another dog the cost is either on you or the owner of the dog who attacked.

Good luck on that one; it only takes a second for a dog to get aggressive.  Remember again dogs have personalities. They have bad days like humans.

Nobody knows your dog like you do. Keeping your dog in their own environment is the best thing for them. They get the one-on-one attention, the feeding with fresh food and water and the walks three times a day or out into their own enclosed yard to play.

With in-home pet sitting your sitter comes in and meets the dog and if there is ever a time when there is a two week break or so they still drop by to familiarize themselves with your dog just like family.  Your pet sitter is the next best thing to you and a good one will love and care for your baby no matter how big or small like you do. Next time dog parks!

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Elizabeth Crane

Elizabeth Crane is a lifelong dog lover who shares her life with a beloved Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle. Known among friends and family as the 'go-to' person for dog-related advice, she cherishes every moment spent with her four-legged companions. Her days are often filled with outdoor adventures and cozy evenings, all enhanced by her dog pals.