Shad Meshad, Founder NVF, to Visit Frank Spady and Dogs for Vets

National Veterans FoundationIn one of our recent articles, National Veterans Foundation Providing Help for Veterans, we talked about how NVF is helping veterans. The founder of the National Veterans Foundation, Shad Meshad, is coming to visit Frank Spady, of Dogs for Vets in just a few days. We’re extremely excited and honored about this visit to us. Shad has spent many years helping veterans and is a well-respected authority on PTSD.

Frank just received an email from Shad about his visit. He explains what makes the National Veterans Foundation different from other non-profits that work with veterans. Shad has graciously agreed to let us publish his email on our website.

Email from Shad Meshad to Frank Spady

Dear Frank,

First let me say how much I am looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday!

I thought about our last conversation and I wanted to reiterate a couple of points that I think differentiate the NVF from some of the other charities that work with vets, notably Wounded Warriors and  Disabled Vets (?).

We’re a little different in that we serve the large population of vets with invisible wounds and injuries.  PTSD and TBI don’t really show on the surface, and yet the number of vets who suffer from these  far outweighs the vets with visible wounds.  We also serve vets from all wars who need help accessing their VA benefits and vets who find themselves alienated as they transition from the war zone back into civilian life. I’m sure you remember, as I do, that process.

We get calls from the vets themselves, and also from family members and caregivers, so our reach is pretty broad. At this time of year we’re looking at the traditional increase in calls over the holidays while waves of men and women serving in Afghanistan return to us. It just never seems to end!

Thanks so much for making the time for us to meet and talk.


Please let your fellow veterans, friends, and family know about the National Veterans Foundation. With the holidays quickly approaching they are there to help all veterans and their families.

Elizabeth Crane

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