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Pictures from Frank Spady Viet Nam Vet

By Elizabeth Crane | October 14, 2012
Frank Spady back from gun run

Our first featured veteran on Dogs for Vets is Frank Spady. We would like to share some of the pictures from his military service in Viet Nam and Korea. If you have any pictures from veterans or current military members that you would like us to showcase please contact us. Click on the pictures to…

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Teaching your Dog to Touch | a Fun Dog Trick

By Elizabeth Crane | October 12, 2012
Dog Touch Command

My goal for today is teaching my dog to touch. This may sound odd to you, because it certainly did to me, but apparently this is a good foundation trick for your dog to learn.  Last night we started a puppy agility class for our 7 month old Golden Retriever, Daisy. Our homework for the…

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Frank Spady Viet Nam Vet

By Elizabeth Crane | October 9, 2012
Frank Spady Helicopter Door Gunner

I thought it would be only proper to start the Featured Vets Section with a post about my husband, Frank Spady. He is a proud Veteran of the Viet Nam war and served in the mid 1960s. Before he went to Viet Nam he served in Korea and trained German Shepherds for the military. Frank’s…

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Older Golden Retriever Needs a Home

By Elizabeth Crane | September 29, 2012

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada has a beautiful dog named Kiara that needs a home. Kiara is 13 years old but in good health. She behaves much younger than her age and still enjoys life to the fullest. Like most Goldens Kiara is very loyal and loving. She will be a loving asset…

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We Love our Dogs

By Elizabeth Crane | September 28, 2012

We love dogs. Period. We are also staunch supporters of the military and veterans. So combining those things together we have started a website dedicated to current serving military members and veterans and dogs. We believe there should be a place for information about available dogs for military members and veterans. There are also a…

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Dogs for PTSD

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We also do not take in dogs that are in need of a home.