Dogs for Vets Guest Blogging Information

We are currently accepting guest bloggers on our website. Please review our guidelines for submitted articles.

Article Guidelines and Information

  • We will accept text-based links to your website. Two links per article will be accepted. Most common is a link to your homepage and an inner page of your website.
  • Content must be at least 350 words. If your content is more than 1,000 words we may consider splitting it into multiple posts.
  • Only unique content. Articles must not have been published anywhere else on the Internet. They must be original content. Short quotes may be accepted after review. We check all submitted articles for duplicate content with Copyscape. Basically no copying and pasting from other websites will be accepted.
  • Exclusivity—your article may not be published on our website and then published elsewhere. However, we do encourage linking back to your article from your own blog or website.
  • We encourage promoting your article on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, etc.
  • Topics: Any niche that has to do with veterans, service dogs, therapy dogs, companion dogs, dog training, PTSD, etc. Anything that pertains to the Dogs for Vets website should be acceptable. Please contact us if you have any uncertainties.
  • Be the authority on your topic. Provide material to our readers that will inform and help.
  • We can include a bio page on our website about you if you like. If you would like to write anonymously this is also acceptable. Please send us an image of yourself if you would like it included with your bio. No fake author information will be accepted.
  • You may include up to three images in your post. Please make sure they are high-resolution images. If you do not have an image for your article we may include an image of our own choosing. We may crop and/or resize your images for the best look and feel for your article.
  • We reserve the right to edit all content for grammar, spelling, ease of reading, etc.

Reasons your Article may not be Approved by Dogs for Vets

  • Articles with affiliate links, affiliate marketing etc.
  • Self-promotional articles for your services or products.
  • Articles with links to unrelated websites
  • Misrepresentation of facts
  • Inappropriate or abusive language
  • Content that is defamatory
  • Links that go to banned sites/adult sites/redirects
  • Copyrighted content used
  • Links to websites that are for illegal purposes

Guidelines to Writing your Article

  • Short paragraphs are encouraged. Writing for the web is a different breed of writing. People have a shorter attention span. Shorter paragraphs make it easier to read and scan. Normally three to five sentences are great.
  • Please use headings for different sections/paragraphs of your articles.
  • Use bold text on words or short phrases to emphasize and provide clarity.
  • Bullets and numbered lists make for good copy.

How to Submit Guest Article

  • Send your article by email to Ranking Edge maintains our website and oversees the guest posts.
  • Attach your article in a Microsoft Word document. If you do not have Word we will also accept Notepad, or a similar program. Microsoft Word is preferred.
  • Attach your images to the email. If needed you may send in a separate email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my article be published? Your article will go live as soon as possible. Normally within 24 hours but could be as long as five days or longer. If your article is time sensitive please make us aware of this and we will try to accommodate your timeline. Having your article adhere to our guidelines will help to make your publishing time faster.
  • Can I make any changes once my article is published? Minor edits are possible to be made. Just let us know and we will see what we can do.
  • Why isn’t my article published yet? We sometimes receive several guest article requests and we normally only publish a few articles per day. Make sure your article is outstanding and meets our guidelines to avoid rejection.
  • I would like to write more than one article for Dogs for Vets. Can I do that? Yes, absolutely. Keep sending them in.

After Your Article is Published

  • All of our articles allow for comments. After publication of your article please be sure to check for and answer comments. Readers may have questions or like to clarify things in your article. Some great discussions can be made in the comments section.
  • Spread the word! Let everyone know about your article. Friends, family, business associates, etc. should all be notified of your article. Use social media to your advantage and blast it out to Facebook, Twitter, etc.