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Best Crates for Dogs That Escape: Secure Solutions for Houdini Hounds

best crates for dogs that escape

Dog owners searching for the best crates for dogs that escape understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for their furry friends.

Crates are not just a training tool; they can also be a haven for dogs, offering them a cozy space to unwind and relax.

If you’re in a hurry or just want to get straight to the point, feel free to click here and skip ahead to the list of the best crates for dogs that escape!

However, when you have an escape artist for a pet, finding the right crate becomes essential for their safety and your peace of mind.

The best crates for dogs that escape are designed to be nearly indestructible, providing extra security mechanisms and durable materials that prevent Houdini-like escapes.

When selecting a crate for a dog with a penchant for breaking out, one must carefully consider the crate’s build quality, the strength of materials used, and the lock mechanism.

best crates for pitbulls that escape

Heavy-gauge steel is often favored for its durability and resistance to damage from determined canines.

Additionally, look for crates with secure latches or multiple locks, which can help prevent your dog from manipulating their way out.

The crate should also be properly sized to your dog to ensure comfort without providing excessive space that could facilitate an escape.

Safety is paramount, so ensuring that the crate has no sharp edges or areas where your dog could hurt themselves while attempting to escape is crucial.

Ventilation is important too, as it ensures your dog can breathe comfortably while crated.

In combination, these factors contribute to the crate’s overall escape-proof rating, helping you feel certain that your dog will stay inside until you decide it’s time for them to come out.

Top Picks for Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

If your furry Houdini has been giving you the slip, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on crates that can stand up to even the most determined escape artists.

Say goodbye to the stress of worrying about your dog’s safety and hello to peace of mind. Here are some of the best escape-proof crates to keep your dog secure and comfortable.

#1. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

Yaheetech Sturdy Metal Dog Crate

Yaheetech best crates for dogs that escape

If you’re tired of Houdini-like dogs making a break for it, this Yaheetech crate might just be the escape-proof fortress you need.


  • Features heavy-duty metal construction with a secure latch system, reducing the odds of a canine breakout.
  • Comes with lockable wheels and foldable design, making it easy to move and store.
  • Cleaning is hassle-free thanks to the removable slide-out trays.


  • May not withstand extreme abuse from highly aggressive dogs.
  • Despite the rust-resistant coating, longevity in damp environments can be a concern.
  • Some assembly required, which may be intimidating for the less DIY-inclined.
Yaheetech Sturdy Metal Dog Crate
The Yaheetech 43-inch crate, with its solid metal construction and double-door design, offers the perfect blend of strength and functionality for dogs who are escape artists, ensuring your peace of mind without compromising on comfort.

Finding the right crate for a dog who has mastered the art of escape can be tough, but the Yaheetech 43-inch crate brings strength and functionality to the table. Its solid metal construction and double-door design give you control without compromising your furry friend’s comfort.

Considering your pet’s knack for escape, the additional security of a 2-step lock should put your mind at ease. While your dog may not appreciate the genius of the safety feature, it’s certainly a win for any pet parent seeking peace of mind.

On top of security, this crate is also about convenience for you. It folds down in a snap, making it a breeze to store away when you’ve got company coming over or when your pet has earned trust times outside the crate.

And when it comes to keeping it clean, those slide-out trays are a dream, letting you keep things tidy with minimal effort.

#2. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

HITTITE Heavy Duty Crate

HITTITE 42 inch dog crate

If you’re searching for a robust crate to keep an escape-artist dog secure, the HITTITE Heavy Duty Crate is a solid pick.


  • Enhanced security with upgraded locks
  • Constructed with non-toxic, heavy-duty materials
  • Features multiple doors and locking wheels for convenience


  • Some assembly required, might be challenging for one person
  • Only two out of four wheels lock, potentially reducing stability
  • Size dimensions may differ from expectations, important to check the fit for your space
HITTITE Heavy Duty Crate
The HITTITE crate, reinforced with steel and an upgraded anti-escape lock, focuses on indestructibility and security, ensuring that your escape-prone dog stays safely contained.

Understanding what’s at stake, picking the right crate for a dog prone to escaping means focusing on indestructibility and security features. They have tackled this by reinforcing their crate with steel and an upgraded anti-escape lock that is advertised to keep doors firmly shut.

With a dog’s health as an essential priority, the non-toxic coating of this crate is a significant plus. It’s ready to withstand some chewing without exposing your pet to harmful substances.

And the multiple doors aren’t just for your dog’s entry and exit; these allow for more interactive and easy feeding times.

Now, practicality also comes into play when considering the portability of a dog crate. The lockable wheels on this model hint at easy maneuverability. However, be mindful that the stability could be compromised since only two wheels lock.

Assembly calls for a bit of effort, but it’s suggested that ten minutes is all it takes to set up your dog’s new secure spot. Cleaning is also simple due to the slide-out tray catching food and waste—just slide and wipe it down.

Lastly, when making any purchase, double-checking dimensions ensures that the crate fits well in your intended space and your dog can comfortably move around inside. Always measure first to avoid any surprises regarding size.

#3. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

LEMBERI Heavy Duty Dog Crate

LEMBERI Indestructible Dog Crate

If your furry friend is a real-life Houdini, the LEMBERI Heavy Duty Dog Crate might just thwart those escape attempts.


  • Immensely durable with 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes
  • Offers a safe, non-toxic finish, front and top doors for access, and dual safety latches
  • Simple to clean with its removable slide-out tray and floor grate


  • Quite heavy, which can make initial setup a challenge
  • May be larger than necessary for smaller breeds
  • Higher-end of the price spectrum
Heavy Duty Crate for Dogs that Escape
This crate offers a robust, reinforced steel structure and dual latches on the doors, balancing strong construction with thoughtful design to keep even the most determined canine escape artists securely contained.

This crate strikes a balance between robust construction and thoughtful design. Dealing with a canine escape artist can be tough, but the reinforced steel structure of the crate provides peace of mind.

Safety is clearly a priority, thanks to the dual latches on the doors which are meant to keep even the most determined dogs securely inside.

It’s not just secure; it’s also user-friendly. Cleaning up after your dog is a breeze due to the floor grate and slide-out tray. Plus, the locking wheels mean you can easily move the crate as needed — all without sacrificing stability.

Of course, while no fortress is entirely impregnable, this crate presents a formidable challenge even to the craftiest of dogs. Just keep in mind the size and weight, as this might not be the right fit for smaller spaces or for those who prefer a portable crate.

It is a substantial investment, but for owners of dogs that treat regular crates like they’re made of cardboard, this could be exactly what you need.

#4. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

YITAHOME Heavy Duty Crate

YITAHOME Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This YITAHOME crate is well-suited for the canine Houdini in your life, offering robust security and peace of mind.


  • Highly durable steel construction keeps even the cleverest dogs contained.
  • Three-door access simplifies interaction, feeding, and cleaning.
  • Mobile design with lockable wheels for convenient positioning and stability.


  • Heavy to move around, even with wheels.
  • Assembly may demand some time and effort.
  • High strength means a less portable and bulkier profile.
YITAHOME Heavy Duty Crate
The YITAHOME Heavy Duty Crate, featuring a sturdy frame and a multi-access door system, is designed for dogs that outsmart lesser crates, providing hassle-free management of everything from daily feedings to playtime.

If your dog loves to pull escape acts on lesser crates, the YITAHOME Heavy Duty Crate should be on your radar. Its sturdy frame promises to stand up to your dog’s antics.

With a multi-access door system, you can cater to your pup’s needs effectively, managing everything from daily feedings to interactive playtime without hassle.

Moving on to practicality, this crate displays an understanding of daily pet care challenges. The ease of clean-up, thanks to a removable tray, can’t be overstated—no more messes that take forever to scrub off. It’s about making your life simpler while keeping your dog secure.

As you consider this crate, think about where it will reside in your home. The design optimizes stability with lockable wheels, meaning once it’s in place, it stays put.

It’s about having a permanent, reliable solution for a dog that’s an escapologist at heart.

#5. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

ACIDBOLT Heavy Duty Crate

ACIDBOLT Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Consider this ACIDBOLT crate if your escape artist of a pup needs a secure spot that stands up to their Houdini antics.


  • Made with 20 gauge steel and 0.8 inch diameter steel pipes for enhanced strength
  • Features double doors with upgraded locks for convenience and added security
  • Includes 360-degree lockable rolling casters for easy transport and setup in under 10 minutes


  • May be bulkier than traditional crates due to heavy-duty materials
  • Investment in this level of security might be higher than other crates
  • Large size could present a challenge for smaller living spaces
Heavy Duty Crate for Dogs that Escape
The ACIDBOLT Heavy Duty Dog Crate, with its upgraded 20 gauge steel and reinforced steel pipes, offers a robust construction solution for dogs who treat every crate like a puzzle to solve, ensuring they stay secure even if escaping is their hobby.

When your dog treats every crate like a puzzle to solve, the ACIDBOLT Heavy Duty Dog Crate’s upgraded 20 gauge steel and reinforced steel pipes offer a promising solution.

The extra robust construction is a key benefit, especially if your four-legged friend has made a hobby out of breaking free.

Ease of access for you and your pet is crucial. This crate’s double door design, which includes both front and top entries, allows for straightforward interaction and feeding.

Not only does this create a welcoming environment for your pet, but it also adds a layer of practicality for your daily routine.

Cleaning up after your dog doesn’t have to be a headache. This crate comes with two removable bottom trays designed to catch messes, making maintenance quick and straightforward.

Combine that with the lockable rolling casters and you’ve got a portable fortress for Fido that’s easy for you to manage too.

#6. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

Rexwelten Heavy Duty Crate

REXWELTEN 48" Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If your dog is an escape artist, this heavy-duty crate from Rexwelten might be just what you need to keep them secure and serene.


  • Constructed with heavy-duty materials for maximum durability.
  • Features double doors with escape-proof locks for added security.
  • Washable tray and lockable wheels enhance convenience and portability.


  • May be more costly than simpler crate models.
  • Could be heavy to move, even with wheels.
  • Ventilation holes may not suit dogs prone to anxiety without visual barriers.

No products found.

When choosing a dog crate for your Houdini hound, durability is key, and the Rexwelten Heavy Duty Crate delivers on that front. Its high-quality steel and reinforced particleboard design provide a strong barrier against escape attempts.

Ease of access and security aren’t mutually exclusive, thanks to the double-door design. These doors make it easier for you to place your dog inside, while the upgraded lock system ensures that once they’re in, they stay put.

Cleaning up after your pet can be a hassle, but with this crate’s washable tray, maintenance becomes a breeze. Plus, the lockable wheels mean you can move the crate to the perfect spot in your home without any heavy lifting.

#7. Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

AOCOROE Heavy Duty Dog Crate


If you’re tired of replacing crates for your escape artist pooch, this robust AOCOROE model could be the game changer you need.


  • Crafted from strong, durable metal to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Equipped with two sliding bolt latches for secure locking.
  • The top board is removable for easy access and cleaning.


  • Heavier and bulkier than less robust crates, which might be less convenient for frequent movers.
  • May be on the pricier side compared to standard crates.
  • Could be over-engineered for dogs that are not determined escape artists.
AOCOROE Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Designed for Houdini hounds, this all-metal crate combines strength and durability, offering indoor and outdoor compatibility to accommodate various settings, while its simple color palette ensures it blends seamlessly with your home aesthetics.

When searching for a secure habitat for a Houdini hound, strength and durability are key. This crate’s all-metal design is meant to stand firm against the most tenacious of dogs.

Outdoor and indoor compatibility gives you the flexibility to house your dog in a variety of settings.

And when it comes to your home aesthetics, its simple color palette effortlessly blurs the line between utility and a piece of furniture.

Safety is paramount, and the sliding bolt latches on this crate ensure your pooch stays put. No need to worry about them nosing a door open when you’re not around.

It’s this reliable security that affords peace of mind, making it a worthy investment for keeping both your furry friend and your furnishings safe.

Ease of maintenance hasn’t been overlooked, either. Thanks to the removable top board, you can quickly get inside for regular cleanings, ensuring a hygienic space for your pet.

The honeycombed foot treadle is there to keep your dog elevated from the floor – a thoughtful addition for cleanliness and comfort.

Opting for this crate seems to offer that much-needed resilience against canine escapism without compromising on other essential features.

Buying Guide for Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

Size and Strength

Check the crate’s size and make sure it’s appropriate for your dog’s breed and weight. Your dog needs enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down.

Reinforced steel or heavy-duty materials are essential for the structure to prevent escapes.

Locking Mechanisms

Invest in crates with robust, complex locking mechanisms. Simple latches might not hold up to a determined dog.

Portability and Assembly

If you plan to move the crate often, look for lightweight designs and consider crates with handles. Easy-to-assemble crates save you time and hassle.

FeatureWhy It Matters
SizeEnsures comfort and proper fit
MaterialDetermines durability
Lock TypeSecures against escape attempts
PortabilitySimplifies transport and movement
Assembly EaseAffects setup and day-to-day use

Ventilation and Comfort

Good airflow is critical for your dog’s health. Check for crates with ample ventilation. Padding or the ability to add comfortable bedding is a plus for your dog’s comfort.

Cleaning Ease

Removable trays or materials that are easy to wipe clean will make maintenance less of a chore.

Remember to verify the durability of each feature to ensure it can withstand your dog’s escape tactics. Choose wisely to keep your dog secure and content.

Wrap Up to Best Crates for Dogs That Escape

In your quest to find the perfect crate for your escape-prone pup, durability, security, and design are key. Whether you choose the Yaheetech, HITTITE, LEMBERI, YITAHOME, ACIDBOLT, or Rexwelten crate, each provides a robust solution tailored to keeping your dog safely contained.

Remember, the right crate not only prevents escapes but also integrates into your home and lifestyle, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your furry friend. Happy crate hunting!

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