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Veterans ForumWe are proud to announce that the Dogs for Vets website now has a Veterans Forum! We are just getting it rolling so please register and start participating. We started the Veterans Forum because we believe that vets need their own place to vent and talk to each other. Some social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook, don’t allow for a place to really discuss issues with fellow veterans.

You can upload images, private message each other, and discuss just about anything–from politics to your dogs.

The current sections on our Veterans Forum include:

  • General Veteran Discussion
  • Service Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Companion and Family Dogs
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Politics
  • Veterans Memorial

Many veterans only have full trust in other veterans. Our forum provides a place for vets to gather and share stories, ask questions, help others, and vent. Talking to others can be very cathartic. The military bond is strong and this is a place to make it even stronger.

A great deal of veterans who served in a war are hesitant about discussing what their military service was like. There are a few reasons for this. Veterans may not want to upset their friends and family or they might not want to have to relive the experiences in war that were traumatic. But it is also known that it does help to talk about it. So vets need a place to be able to speak their mind to others that understand.

Our veterans forum  provides a place for just this. We are open to having private areas of the forum. Please let us know if you would like us to set up a private area with access just for veterans.

Please join our veterans forum, participate, and encourage others to use the veterans forum. Let us know in the comments below any ideas you have for the forum or go to the forum to make some suggestions.

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