Trisha Blanchet wins a Contest to Help Dogs and Veterans

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Daisy for Dogs for VetsToday I found out about a lady that won a big contest called Sandbox’s Winners Showdown Pitch Contest in Massachusetts. This lady certainly must like all of us dogs and veterans. I think I like her too. Her name is Trisha Blanchet and she now can start helping veterans that need a dog to help them. Trisha won $10,000 and I think that is the equivalent of a gazillion dog treats.

Getting Dogs out of Jail to Help the Vets

Trisha won the contest with her plan to match dogs that live in shelters in Massachusetts with veterans that could really benefit from having a dog help them when they come back from being brave soldiers. This is what I call a win win situation. These poor dogs live in doggy jail now and they could be sentenced to death (this makes me so sad) if if weren’t for people like Trisha. The veterans can really be helped by these dogs–especially with the right dog training.

Picking the Right Dogs and Training Them

With big plans and now some money to help get things started Trisha will be on her way to helping the dogs and vets. She is going to hire a dog trainer that will help figure out what dogs will be the best for helping the veterans. Then they will provide some dog training so the dogs can be on their best behavior and really help the vets in their day to day activities. I bet the dogs will provide a lot of good snuggling opportunities too. Trisha is also going to have some website designers build her a brand new website.

Trisha Blanchet is no newcomer to loving us dogs. She has written six books and four of them are about traveling with dogs. I love to travel with my mom and dad so I might have to get some of these books for them. They think they know everything about traveling with me but I’m sure there is more they can learn. I would like to first suggest that they have more room service orders with bacon.

This human lady Trisha is a hero in my book and I’m glad I can help spread the word about her big plans and big win that will help us dogs and our great veterans.

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Daisy is a Golden Retriever and a writer for the Dogs for Vets website. She has her own diary that she has graciously agreed to share with us. Daisy's journalistic specialties include interviewing other dogs about their lives and adventures.   Daisy likes to swim and play with her toys. Her favorite toys are tennis balls and stuffed animals. She likes to watch television and her favorite shows are on Animal Planet. She also enjoys watching sports with her Dad, Frank Spady.   Daisy is a very big supporter of the veterans and active military members.

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