Older Golden Retriever Needs a Home

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada has a beautiful dog named Kiara that needs a home. Kiara is 13 years old but in good health. She behaves much younger than her age and still enjoys life to the fullest. Like most Goldens Kiara is very loyal and loving. She will be a loving asset to anyone that chooses to adopt this wonderful girl.

Golden Retriever that Needs a One Dog Family–Cats are OK!

From what they know at the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada, Kiara prefers to be the only dog in the family. Who can blame her for wanting all the attention and love to herself? Now cats are another matter for Miss Kiara. She thinks they are just dandy and has no problem having a cat housemate.

Please help this beautiful Golden girl live out the rest of her life with love and affection.

For more information about Kiara or other dogs available for adoption from the Golden Retriever rescue of Southern Nevada  please visit the GRRSN website.

Adopting a Dog from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada

Since the beautiful Kiara is a senior citizen the fee for adopting her is just a donation to GRRSN. Younger dogs do have fees but since these Golden Oldies have essentially paid there dues in life you only need to make a donation. Please donate what you can. It takes a lot of funds to keep this organization running. Even with all the volunteers there are plenty of expenses like veterinarian visits, food, medicine, etc. Applications must be completed and approved before adopting a dog. Applications are on their website.

Fostering a Golden Retriever with the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada is a 501(c)(3). This non-profit organization has fostered and placed many many dogs over the years. They are always in need of foster families to help with the placement of the Goldens they have rescued. There are applications on their website to apply to be a foster home. Foster parents must have a fenced yard to allow the freedom that these dogs deserve. No dog should be let to run free.

Every dog is different and the length of time a dog stays in a foster home varies quite a bit. Some of the dogs with special needs may need fostering for a few months. Other dogs might be with you for just a few days. Permanent placement for these dogs is to pre-approved homes only.

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