News Alert: A New Member of the Dogs for Vets Family

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Dogs for VeteransI have big news today…and I mean really big news. We have a new addition to the Dogs for Vets family. Yes, it’s true and his name is Gunner! He should make a great service dog or therapy dog but for me he will just be my adopted brother and companion dog. His name, Gunner, is after our Dad, Frank Spady, the bravest helicopter door gunner that I know.

A Goldendoodle Brother for Me

Gunner is a Goldendoodle little puppy that turned 10 weeks old yesterday. So what this means is that he is half Golden Retriever and half Poodle. We all know that the good half is the Golden Retriever half…just sayin’. I don’t know much about Poodles but I’ve heard they can be a little snooty. It seems that I will have my work cut out for me training little Gunner to be down to earth and friendly like me. No one likes a snob.

I look at having a new brother as a good thing. Here are a few of the advantages that I have found so far:

  • Someone to play with all the time
  • I get to lick his food bowl when he is finished eating
  • Anything wrong that happens I can blame on him
  • There is another dog to help me aggravate Mr. Kitty

Dogs for Veterans Daisy and GunnerI’ve found several fun things to do with Gunner. One of the most fun things is to take every single toy that he wants to play with away from him. Now, don’t think that I am not a sharing type of dog because I am. Once I get the toy I run to my bed with it and then we play tug of war with it. Then, after a bit, I will let him take sole custody of the toy. I have even let him chew on my favorite bone with me.

I am and always will be the Favorite Dog

I couldn’t get this next fact in writing but I am certain that it is true. Mom likes me best. She acts like she likes Gunner and she oohs and aahs and talks baby talk to him. At nine months I do not need to be talked to like a baby. I am a big dog now. But I can feel it in my heart and soul that I will always be the favorite. Realistically there is no way anyone could not like me more than any other dog—ever.

My Confessions about our new Goldendoodle

I know I might sound like a big tough dog but I have a soft side too. I must admit that Gunner is pretty darn adorable. He has a very cute face and has already learned to make the sad face so he can get what he wants and no one can get mad at him. He learned this from the best—me!

Gunner is going to be as big as or even bigger than me. That doesn’t bother me one bit. I have already established my dominance. I am the pack leader, the alpha dog, and the ruler of our dog kingdom.

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Daisy is a Golden Retriever and a writer for the Dogs for Vets website. She has her own diary that she has graciously agreed to share with us. Daisy's journalistic specialties include interviewing other dogs about their lives and adventures.   Daisy likes to swim and play with her toys. Her favorite toys are tennis balls and stuffed animals. She likes to watch television and her favorite shows are on Animal Planet. She also enjoys watching sports with her Dad, Frank Spady.   Daisy is a very big supporter of the veterans and active military members.

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