National Veterans Foundation Providing Help for Veterans

National Veterans FoundationThere are many resources for Veterans and members of the military. One in particular that I would like to highlight is the National Veterans Foundation (NVF). This non-profit organization has helped over 275,000 veterans. These Veterans have received Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance abuse counseling, medical treatment, suicide intervention, and legal aid from this amazing organization.

12/18/2012 UPDATE: After a conversation with Shad Meshad, founder of NVF, I learned that they have helped around 400,000 veterans. Amazing and impressive!

The National Veterans Foundation was founded by Shad Meshad. Since 1970 Shad has been working with and helping Veterans. He was in the Vietnam War and counseled soldiers that were in emotional and psychological distress because of what they experienced in combat. This included what later became called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Today Shad is considered an expert on Trauma Therapy, Combat Stress, and helping veterans to readjust when they return home.

Vietnam Veterans Aid Foundation (VVAF)

The Vietnam Veterans Aid Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), was founded by Shad in 1985. Shad’s mission was to provide Veterans and their families help for a variety of different issues. The response by Veterans for help was overwhelming. Because of this in 1987 they established a toll-free number to help the Vets and their families. This hotline provided much needed help and offered nationwide benefits information, crisis counseling, and resource referrals.

This one of a kind service became recognized as a great resource for all Veterans of all different wars that were having problems accessing benefits and locating services. They all needed help overcoming their emotional scars of war. Because of this, in 1992, the VVAF officially changed the name of their organization to the National Veterans Foundation.

Toll Free Helpline for Veterans and Their Families

The National Veterans Foundation operates and manages the nation’s only toll-free phone helpline for Vets and their families. It is a great way for Veterans to get the help they need and to discuss any issues that they may have encountered in their post military lives. This helpline offers information, referrals, and crisis management. Their telephone number is 888.777.4443.

Helping Veterans in Need

NVF’s public awareness programs put a constant spotlight on just what America’s Veterans need. Their outreach services can provide clothing, food, employment, transportation, and other necessary resources. They are well-known across the country for their diligence and help to Veterans.

Veterans Employment Center

The National Veterans Foundation website has an employment center listing jobs available for Vets. Veterans can find available jobs here and employers can add their available jobs for Veterans there. Current jobs listed on their website include: disability employment specialist, software engineer, sales manager, and many more. Listings are updated frequently.

Veterans Benefits Resource Center

To help Veterans identify and apply for benefits the NVF website helps to identify and apply for any and all benefits that are available for Vets and their family. Oftentimes Veterans are not aware of what benefits they are eligible for and how to apply. This has been proven to be a big help for many Veterans.

NVF has linked to the Department of Veteran Affairs and they have provided many links to the actual laws and regulations that govern VA benefits. You may download a copy of the Department of Veteran Affairs Booklet by clicking here.

National Veterans Foundation Evolving with a Changing World

Over the years NVF has recognized our changing world. After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 the U.S. Government asked the NVF and Shad Meshad to provide much needed training to the counselors that were at Ground Zero. Shad, along with the Board of Directors and his team, frequently develop and seek the most effective ways that they can aid all that have so bravely served our country and their families. They continue to offer help to all Vets seeking assistance and emotional support.

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