Jasper, the Military Working Dog, gets to go Home

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Daisy for Dogs for Vets

Daisy, DFV Reporter

I heard some great news today about one of my personal heroes. His name is Jasper and he is a Pitbull mix. He was a bomb-sniffing military working dog but he is now retired. He was all ready to go to Afghanistan and then had a terrible heatstroke that made him retire early. His handler, and best friend, Staff Sergeant Jordon Lee of Fort Carson’s 4th Infantry Division, had to go to Afghanistan without his buddy.

Staff Sgt. Lee is still busy serving in the military and since Jasper retired he has been living at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Lee’s wife wanted Jasper to come to their house to live and be there for when Lee comes home. This turned out to be not as easy as you would think.

Airlines Would not Fly Jasper the Military Working Dog

Military Working Dogs Adoptions wanted to fly Jasper to Lee’s house in Colorado Springs but just because Jasper is a Pitbull and some people think he is an aggressive breed lots of different airlines said Jasper could not fly on their planes. These airlines get the paws down from yours truly.

Military Working Dogs Adoptions was not about to give up. They found people that would drive Jasper to his new home. It was so far that it took several people to get Jasper there. But they did it! Jasper is with Lee’s wife now and a new dog pal that is a Saint Bernard mix named Nixon. And guess what else? He has two human brothers to play with now too!

Two paws up for Military Working Dogs Adoptions for making sure that Jasper is right where he belongs. He will be there to greet Staff Sgt. Lee when he returns from his brave service in Afghanistan.

Interview with Jasper MWD

I caught up with Jasper once he was settled in at his new home. Here is an excerpt of my exclusive interview with Jasper.

Daisy: Jasper, how did you feel when the airlines said you could not fly on their airplanes because they thought you were aggressive?

Jasper: I was very upset and hurt about this. The airlines just automatically assumed that I am a mean dog just because of the breed of dog I am. Pitbulls have gotten a bad rap from the public. We are all as good as our owners are. If there happens to be a dog of any breed that is aggressive it is more than likely that their owner made them that way. These owners are the guilty ones and I would like to see them banned from the airlines.

Daisy: How did you recover from your near death experience with heat stroke?

Jasper: The most important thing that pulled me through was when my best friend Lee came to visit me at the hospital. Even though I was very weak I looked up at him and knew that I had to get better to be back where I belong…at his side. I tried to get up from my hospital bed to go with him but they would not let me go.

Daisy: What are your plans for the future?

Jasper: I have some exciting things to do now that I am home. There are many new things to sniff at my new home. Since I am an expert sniffer I will be examining these things and making sure that everyone in my family is safe. After that I will  probably take a nap. Sniffing things is not as easy as you might think. I will also be working on my sad face so I can get more treats. Humans are silly and they fall for the sad face every time.

Please Help the Military Working Dogs Adoptions

You can help too. Military Working Dogs Adoptions is a non-profit organization. They don’t charge at all for people to adopt retiring military working dogs. But it does cost them for things like transporting Jasper, other travel expenses, or buying medicine. You can donate to help a military working dog. They do not except dog bones at this time—only human money. Any amount will help my fellow dogs so give what you can please.

A special note to Jasper: please give your Dad a big doggy kiss for me when he comes home.

If you would like to read more about Jasper the Gazette in Colorado Springs has more information.


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