What you don’t understand about Veteran’s Day

Frank Spady Door Gunner Viet Nam

I will write this for my husband, the warrior and Vietnam Vet. I will write this for those suffering with PTSD from their loyal service to our glorious country. I will write this for those that don’t understand the effects that war has on our young men that serve our country so bravely. As my…

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Dogs for Veterans | In the News

Dogs have been helping military veterans in many different ways for many years. With the awareness of our veterans suffering from PTSD growing through news outlets and social media more veterans and dogs have been able to be helped. To keep you up to date on the latest news related to dogs for veterans, we…

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Health Benefits of Dogs are Amazing

Health Benefits of Dogs

The health benefits of dogs include many different things. We all know how much service and therapy dogs help veterans but a dog can actually help improve your health in many diverse ways. Having a dog can improve your mental well-being, lessen your doctor visits, and strengthen your cardiovascular health. Dogs can also improve recovery…

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Josh Walker | an Iraq Army Vet Shares his Story

Josh Walker Iraq Veteran

I met Josh Walker online through the Dogs for Vets Twitter account. He graciously agreed to write on our website about his time deployed to Iraq and what is was like coming home and living life after combat. Little did I know that he would write something as touching and stirring as this. Today is…

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National Veterans Foundation Providing Help for Veterans

National Veterans Foundation

There are many resources for Veterans and members of the military. One in particular that I would like to highlight is the National Veterans Foundation (NVF). This non-profit organization has helped over 275,000 veterans. These Veterans have received Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance abuse counseling, medical treatment, suicide intervention, and legal aid from this…

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How Dogs Help Veterans with PTSD

Dogs for PTSD

American war veterans are returning home from service facing major issues. Financially, physically, emotionally and in relationships, veterans are dealing with problems at home after dealing with countless issues abroad while fighting for our freedom. One of the biggest issues many veterans face when returning home is post traumatic stress disorder. Leading to severe problems…

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