Interview with Military Working Dog Gabe

Military Working Dog United States Flag

I’m celebrating Veteran’s Day with an interview with a brave and honored Military Working Dog. His name is Gabe and he won a big award from the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. Gabe is one of the bravest military dogs that I know and he has helped the military by finding hidden weapons and…

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Jasper, the Military Working Dog, gets to go Home

Daisy for Dogs for Vets

I heard some great news today about one of my personal heroes. His name is Jasper and he is a Pitbull mix. He was a bomb-sniffing military working dog but he is now retired. He was all ready to go to Afghanistan and then had a terrible heatstroke that made him retire early. His handler,…

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We Love our Dogs

We love dogs. Period. We are also staunch supporters of the military and veterans. So combining those things together we have started a website dedicated to current serving military members and veterans and dogs. We believe there should be a place for information about available dogs for military members and veterans. There are also a…

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