MY X WIFE GOT MY DOG WHILE I WAS IN AFGHANISTAN IN 2011. After catching her running around on me and a divorce. The dog was the only thing I got out of the divorce. My dog goes with me on my semi truck.

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Vietnam Vet with 2 Great Dogs

I’m a Vietnam vet that was in the Infantry and a door gunner. It was an unbelievable experience and I’m lucky to have made it back alive. I have PTSD. I still have nightmares and other physical problems. My two dogs have been great companions and comfort. They are a Golden Retriever named Daisy and…

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World War II Veteran | Fred Selzer

Fred Selzer World War II

The number of World War II Veterans still gracing our earth is dwindling every year. They fought hard and served our country with the highest regard. My Father, Fred Selzer, was one of these brave men. My Dad served before I was born and I only wish I could remember more about what he told…

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Josh Walker | an Iraq Army Vet Shares his Story

Josh Walker Iraq Veteran

I met Josh Walker online through the Dogs for Vets Twitter account. He graciously agreed to write on our website about his time deployed to Iraq and what is was like coming home and living life after combat. Little did I know that he would write something as touching and stirring as this. Today is…

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Frank Spady Viet Nam Vet

Frank Spady Helicopter Door Gunner

I thought it would be only proper to start the Featured Vets Section with a post about my husband, Frank Spady. He is a proud Veteran of the Viet Nam war and served in the mid 1960s. Before he went to Viet Nam he served in Korea and trained German Shepherds for the military. Frank’s…

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