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Ways to Stop Your Dog’s Barking Habit

Cure Dog Barking

As much as we hope that our dogs can be perfect angels at all times, it just isn’t realistic. Sometimes, dogs bark. A lot. And even though it’s not the best situation to deal with, you can train it out of them and work your way to a life with no unnecessary barking. Training Dogs…

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How Dogs Help Veterans with PTSD

Dogs for PTSD

American war veterans are returning home from service facing major issues. Financially, physically, emotionally and in relationships, veterans are dealing with problems at home after dealing with countless issues abroad while fighting for our freedom. One of the biggest issues many veterans face when returning home is post traumatic stress disorder. Leading to severe problems…

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How to Train Away a Dog’s Aggression

Rottweilers for Veterans

Dogs are a great addition to any family, and when they are happy and well mannered, they really are man’s best friends. But don’t be mistaken – dogs can easily become aggressive when they are mishandled or mistreated, and it can take a toll on your family and those around you if they do. Proper…

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How to Pick the Dog that is Right for You

Making the decision to get a dog is a great thing for your family, but getting one is more complicated than just heading to the pet shop, breeder, or rescue and picking out your favorite. As you choose a dog, it’s important to agree with the rest of your family on the breed, behavior, age,…

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Would Your Dog be a Good Therapy Dog?

Therapy Dog German Shepherd

Therapy dogs work to provide emotional benefit to all types of people out there, including America’s returning war heroes. These special dogs can be registered through Therapy Dogs International to volunteer their services, and receive special training to work in the homes and lives of those in need. Owning a therapy dog is a great…

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